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Running The Course - Checklist

Before running The God's Big Picture video course, you'll need to make sure you've got a few things ready to go.

Venue - you'll need a comfortable space (but not too comfortable!) with good lighting for reading, but also a decent screen and speaker setup. Any lounge or small room in a church normally used for small group study should be absolutely fine - a small conference room would be ideal.

Videos - whether you are watching online (we'd recommend you've got a good broadband connection for this, as buffering is a pain when you've gathered together!), watching downloaded videos, or have purchased the DVD, the videos are a key part of this course. Top tip - in a smaller group, you might get away with watching on an ipad or laptop - make sure it is placed on a hard surface to maximise volume!

Bibles - it really helps to have a Bible in hand for this course - we might be covering the whole thing, but it's designed to get you and your group to open it up!

Leader's Notes - download to your device, or print off, the relevant session outline and notes. Try to read them through before the session - that will help you, and those you are hosting.

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