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After the Course - Further Reading

We hope you enjoyed running the God's Big Picture video course - whether you shared it with friends or studied on your own, we hope this resource has given you a better overview of the Bible, and encouraged you to live out it's truth in your life.

IVP has got a number of books and resources that you can use to go deeper or engage in evangelism after doing God's Big Picture - and our friends at have got piles of great videos to keep studying.

One great study linked to another IVP book is LICC's Whole Life Worship Small Group Resource, based on the book of the same name. Using 5 short videos as jumping-off points, this little course inspires us to think biblically about Worship, and how it should impact our whole lives.

Here are a few more recommendations!

For Discipleship

- Life's Big Questions. Vaughan Roberts helps us trace six major themes through the Bible, helping us understand how the big story can help us answer some big questions.

- God's Big Design. Vaughan Roberts invites us to look at the first few chapters of the Bible, to think about questions of origins, design, purpose and redemption, in a way that will challenge readers to change behaviour and attitudes to reflect how God intends our lives to look.

- True Spirituality. In this modern classic Vaughan Roberts helps us think about the question: What does it mean to be a truly spiritual Christian?

For understanding the Bible

- Dig Deeper. Written by Nigel Beynon and Andrew Sach, this book is a great next step for studying the Bible. This little book offers a 'toolkit' of ways that help us think about how we read the Bible.

- Dig Even Deeper. This book, by Andrew Sach and Richard Alldritt, is all about unearthing Old Testament treasure - perfect for helping us think through what's going on around the big story of God's unfolding Kingdom.

- Dig Deeper into the Gospels. The final part of this brilliant 'trilogy', this book is all about the Gospels, the lives of Jesus. Written by Andrew Sach and Tim Hiorns, this is a great way into devouring and savouring the Gospels.

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